Test tube shaker model TK3S 1pc

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Test tube shaker model TK3S 1pc
Test tube shaker model TK3S 1pc
Test tube shaker model TK3S 1pc
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Test tube shaker model TK3S
mixer/shaker for use with test tubes. Automatically starts/stops by de- pressing/releasing the cup (which can accommodate tubes up to 20 mm diameter). A switch on the front of the unit will convert to continuous running.A test tube holder is provided for continuous unattended use. Mixing can be varied from 0-40 Hz. The unit, using sucker feet, has been designed to minimise vibrations being transmitted to the work surface.
A special holder for 25x1.5 ml microcentrifuge test tubes (our Art. 298 - see page 89) is available; this snaps into position in place of the standard test tube cap.

Model: TK3S
VOLTAGE: 230V/50Hz - 115V/60Hz (is available on request)
Input power: 45W
Drive: Asynchronous 2-pole motor for single-phase A.C. current radio-shielded (100-2400 rpm)
Shaking frequency: 0-40 Hz adjustable by means of an electronic phase control.
Dimensions: 150x134x50 mm
Wheight: 2.0 Kg

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