Micropipette Pluripet PL100 (10-100 µl) 1321-10 1pc

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Micropipette Pluripet PL100 (10-100 µl) 1321-10  1pc
Micropipette Pluripet PL100 (10-100 µl) 1321-10  1pc
Micropipette Pluripet PL100 (10-100 µl) 1321-10  1pc
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Micropipette Pluripet PL100 (10-100 µl) 1321-10 1pc. Eight variable volume single-channel micropipettes make up the PLURIPET line equipped with an accurate and precise pipetting mechanism. They cover the range of capacities from 0.2 µl to 10,000 µl. The PL2 and PL10 models are ideal for molecular biology techniques. The PL20, PL100, PL200 and PL1.000 models are useful for dispensing small volumes of aqueous fluids of moderate density and viscosity. The PL5.000 and PL10.000 macropipettes are ideal for dispensing large volumes of rather thick and viscous aqueous fluids. They are equipped with a special filter that protects the internal piston by increasing its lifetime and preventing contaminations. They are supplied complete with a recalibration device and adhesive support for attachment to the laboratory bench. Individually calibrated with their certificates included in the package; EC/ IVD-compliant.

• the handle connection ensures a more comfortable and non-fatiguing grip
• the volume can be selected by turning the emptying button or turning the cylinder supplied for the purpose
• the large display ensures simple reading reading of the set volume value
• the button of each micropipetta has a specific colour so identification of the usable volume interval is simple
• the tip ejector is adjustable in height to house a large variety of tips and is can be disassembled to simplify cleaning operations
• the recalibration device ensures quick and precise recalibrations
• the robust structure of the PVDF body ensures high mechanical and chemical resistances
• totally autoclavable at +121°C for 20 minutes
• the materials used for the structure are resistant and durable, and permit exposure to U.V. rays
• in accordance with EN IS 8655

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