Bottle Dispenser Dosipet B50 5-50ml

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Bottle Dispenser Dosipet B50  5-50ml
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Dosipet is a series of adjustable volume repetitive dosing devices. They are made of high quality materials ensuring considerable mechanical and chemical resistance. They are available in three
different versions, depending on the reagents to be dispensed. Possibility to choose between:
For universal use; ideal for use with reagent of average aggressiveness.
Useful for dosing concentrated acids, polar and no-polar solvents.
Especially developed for hydrofluoric acid dosing. They are supplied complete with tubes for filling/discharging, as well as with a set of adaptors: for Dosipet 2.5/5 and 10 ml adaptors A25,
A28, A45, S40; for Dosipet 25/50 and
100 ml adaptors A28, A32/45, A40.

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Series that can be used with every water
solution type (except those containing
hydrofluoric acid), marked by a high
degree of convenience and reliability. It
is equipped with a 3.3 borosilicate glass
cylinder and PTFE piston

Technical specifications common to
the three series:
• precise and quick volume adjustment using the analogue slider
• precise graduated scale to ensure reproducibility of the dispensed volumes
• no loss of reagent when eliminating air or filling
• dispensing without bubbles forming
• the piston completely transfers the liquid with every movement
• total recovery of the liquid in the
discharge tube by turning the delivery tip 180°
• autoclavable at +121°C for 20 minutes
• EC conformity

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