Hot plate magnetic stirrer model TK23

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Hot plate magnetic stirrer model TK23
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Magnetic stirrer with heating plate made of aluminium alloy and coated with a special anti-acid protection assuring a highly uniform heat distribution on the whole plate surface. Stirring system by means of a revolving magnetic field generated by a “PCM” (Patented Composed Magnet) type magnet that, because of the geometric design together with the choice of the material used achieves a higher driving power regardless of the size of the stirring bar in use. In fact, the magnet can concentrate the magnetic flux energy and can therefore create a higher attraction strength free from any vibrations.

• Compact structure made of strong
Peralluman and coated with anti-acid paint.
• Electronic speed control adjustable up to 1200 rpm by means of continuous regulation, shielded against radio frequencies.
• High strength driving magnet, “PCM” type,
driven by a single phase motor for continuous operation.
• Temperature control by means of a thermocouple; temperature range from room temperature up to 370 deg. C.
• Plate temperature indication scale on the front panel.
• Hot plate diameter 155 mm.
• Electronic PCB for “Vertex” control at low tension with disconnection of the mains according to the most restrictive safety standards.
• Socket for Vertex connection.
• Bi-polar mains switch with green pivot lamp.
• Stirring capacity up to 20 litres/H2O.
• Voltage 230V/50Hz - 115V/60Hz (on request).
• Input power 800W.
• Weight 3,1 Kg.
• In accordance with IP 42

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