Elektroninen pipettori Labofill 0,1-100ml 1kpl

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Elektroninen pipettori Labofill 0,1-100ml 1kpl
Elektroninen pipettori Labofill 0,1-100ml 1kpl
Elektroninen pipettori Labofill 0,1-100ml 1kpl
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Elektroninen pipettori Labofill 0,1-100ml 1kpl

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A new pipette filling device was developed to complete Kartell entry level line of liquid handling products. This device is used for filling and dispensing liquid in glass or plastic pipettes, both graduated and volumetric, up to 100 ml. LaboFill is a safe, efficient and economical instrument for liquid filling and dispensing. Due to its design is also comfortable and easy to use. LaboFill is CE marked, is individually tested after production process and is calibrated according to ISO 8655 standards.

• Red and green L.E.D.s: the red light indicates low battery charge; green L.E.D. indicates charging status.
• Thumb wheel is provided at the back of the instrument to increase or reduce pump speed according to user’s needs.
• High aspirating and flow-out speed: 25 ml in only 5 seconds.
• Sylicon universal pipette housing can accomodate standard pipettes from 0.1ml to 100 ml. Inside collet knurlings facilitate tight fit even with wet pipettes.
• Comfortabale handgrip ensures optimal grip and prevent user from tiredness
• 0.2um PTFE hydrophobic filter is provided in the collet assembly to avoid aerosol formation and liquid entering the instrument body.
• Rechargable battery Ni-MH 3.6 provided with the instrument, ensures cordless work for up to eight hours continuing after recharging.
• Completely battery recharging in 5 hours.
• Adaptor compatibility with 220 V and 110 V

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